Aman Kyoto, 5-Star Luxury Resort Hotel in Japan, $3400 per night(full tour & review)


This is a review of Aman Kyoto which is Aman Resorts 5-star luxury resort hotel in Kyoto. I introduce the map of Aman Kyoto, the room where I stayed, spa such as hot springs, dinner and breakfast at the restaurant, etc.

■ Hotel information
Facility name: Aman Kyoto
Address: 1 Okitayama Jubocho, Kita Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture 603-8458
Opening: November 1, 2019
Number of rooms: 26
Length of stay: 1 night
Meals: Dinner and breakfast included
Room: Kaede King
Number of guests: 1 adult
Price: 465,000 JPY (3,400 USD)
HP :

■ Access
Aman Kyoto does not disclose the access information, but it is basic to visit by taxi. If you take a taxi from Kyoto Station, it will cost around 5000 JPY (35 USD).
The nearest stations are Kitayama, Kitaoji, and Kitano Hakubaicho, but it takes about 50 minutes on foot from there.
The nearest bus stop is around Kinkakuji-michi. It takes 25 minutes on foot from Kinkakuji-michi to Aman Kyoto. It might be a good idea to take a bus to the area around Kinkakuji and pick up a taxi from there.

■ 6 types of rooms
Susuki, Nara, Maple, Firefly, Takagamine Suite, Washigamine Pavilion

Restaurant “The Living Pavilion”
Japanese cuisine “Takaan”

■ Spa
Esthetics, natural hot springs, morning yoga, gift items, etc. The source name of the hot spring is “Shozan Kamiyagawa Onsen”, and the water quality is alkaline simple hot spring.

■ Experience
Zazen experience, Uji tea experience, Helicopter journey, Temple tour, etc.

■ Impressions of the stay
・Aman Kyoto is located on a very large site in the mountains and has a lot of greenery.
・Aman Kyoto’s locations is difficult to access by public transportation, which may be a disadvantage.
・The room in Aman Kyoto is exactly like Aman, with light brown and gray as the base color and Japanese style hotel style.
・Aman Kyoto’s spa has a hot spring, and the hot water is colorless and transparent.
・Kyoto-style cuisine and Italian cuisine will be served at Aman Kyoto’s restaurant. Afternoon tea is also available at lunchtime.

■ Contents
00:00 Welcome to Aman Kyoto Review
00:25 Entrance to Aman Kyoto
01:00 Japanese restaurant Takaan
01:17 Main gate and check-in
02:23 Room types
02:57 Room Tour(Kaede)
10:17 Activities
10:47 Hotel map and walking
13:07 Aman Spa (hot spring)
14:32 Dinner at The Living Pavilion
18:42 After dinner and night time
20:27 Breakfast at The Living Pavilion
22:08 Breakfast room service menu, etc.
23:18 Check-out (Aman Kyoto name tag present)
24:00 Go to Kinkakuji
25:02 Ending and Impressions

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住所:〒603-8458 京都府京都市北区大北山鷲峯町1番
部屋:楓(かえで) キング
料金:465,000 JPY (3,400 USD)
HP :


芒 (すすき)、楢 (なら)、楓 (かえで)、蛍(ほたる)、鷹ヶ峯スイート、鷲ヶ峯パビリオン

レストラン「ザ・リビング パビリオン」




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